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Born, raised, and rebuilding Queens

Born and raised in Queens, Gerry Caliendo has been an active member of his community for over 20 years. His active contributions include being appointed to the Queens Community Board #1 in 1977, serving as the President of the Queens Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) from 1995-1997, and his current position as the President of the Board of Directors of the King Manor Museum.

Gerry’s leadership skills has fostered an environment of encouragement, creativity, and opportunity throughout his field and surrounding community. His experience serving as an active community member for the past 30 years is exactly what makes his firm of over 40 employees so successful. Since 1994, the architectural firm of Gerald J. Caliendo has been providing clients with exemplary results, seeing all projects through to completion through honesty, hard work, organization, and dedication. We invite you to come see exactly what our firm can do for you.

What we do

  • idea & start
  • design & create
  • build & finish

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Solid dedication & broad vision - for over 20 years.

The architectural firm of Gerald J. Caliendo has been dedicated to providing our clients exemplary results for over 20 years. With a team of over 40 employees, our firm provides the perfect synergistic combination of artistic vision and practical application in order to make our client’s architecture dreams a reality. We’ve won countless awards for our projects, and invite you to see for yourself how we can render your concepts into glorious reality.

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Our Fantastic Team

Caliendo J. Gerald Principal

McRea, Renate Financial Officer

Bachan, Danraj Bookkeeper

Cestaro, Madeline Office Manager

Luna, Kayla Administrative Assistant

Badrudeen, Asma Receptionist

Glavic, John Registered Architect

Senior Project Managers

Frank, Sebastian Senior Project Manager

Leva, Anthony Senior Project Manager

Minella, Nelly Senior Project Manager

Brusca, Giuseppe Senior Project Manager

Caicedo, Belkis Senior Project Manager

Rampershad, Raj Senior Project Manager

Sakdalan, Franz Senior Project Manager

Project Managers

Sen, Ayse LEED AP BD + C Project Manager/Energy Analyst

Paraiso, Zenen Project Manager

Pardo, Mauricio Project Manager

Borukhov, Azarya Project Manager

Callejas, Martha Project Manager

Sheng Hong, Jiang Project Manager

Diaz, Nataly Project Manager

Kallian, Lakshmi Project Manager

Shimunov, Yukhan Project Manager

Karamouz, Mehrdad Project Manager

Si Huang Chan Project Manager

Kang, David Project Manager

Ilyayev, Danil Project Manager

Madriagan, Federico Project Manager

Sanchez, Dora Project Manager

Giraldo, Maria Project Manager

Khaimov, Eduard Project Manager

Valenti, Candida Project Manager

Ramirez, Consuelo Project Manager

Madriga, Federico Project Manager

Jiminian, Rafael Project Manager

Bahn, Rachel Project Manager


Muley, Lucas Expeditor

Liskiewicz, Joanna Expeditor

Gilgia, Justin Expeditor

Luna, Geraldine Expeditor


Spampinato, Rachel Intern

Kazakov, Shalom Intern



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